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Testo 460 465 470 471

Medidores de rpm (tacómetros) portátiles. Medición con o sin contacto.\r
Por mayor información, visite www.testo.com.ar

Kelfos | Testo - 465 | Tachometer | Unboxing | Features | Applications | Technical Data | Hindi

KELFOS- Investing in Future
Innovative Test \u0026 Measurement Technology for Market Leadership

KELFOS becomes a leader in the area of Test \u0026 Measurements Instruments \u0026 Sensors, Medical Equipment’s like Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Level, Flow, Differential pressure \u0026 Liquid Analysis and many more

On its way to this Market Position, the Company always had one Clear objective about sensing: the Development of Innovative \u0026 trend-setting Products.
Website : www.kelfos.in
Contact us : 7066222267

Product Description :

With the testo 465 tachometer, you can perform non-contact rpm measurement using just one hand. This makes the tachometer suitable, for example, for measurements on rotating parts such as fans and shafts. To measure the rpm, simply stick a reflective marker on the measurement object, aim the visible red beam at the marker and measure the rpm. The distance between the tachometer and the measurement object can be up to 600 mm.

A particularly practical feature is the option to save min./max. and mean values, as well as the last measured value. The SoftCase included in the scope of delivery is useful for protecting the tachometer. The scope of delivery also includes reflective markers and a transport case.
tushar : Nice product and presentation
Pritesh Badale : Nice product
Mp Pisal :
Rushikesh ravut : Great Kelfos
Vitthal shinde : ☺️Keep it up mahesh

Testo 470 Tachometer Demo - Checking RPM

Ran a demo of the Testo 470 tachometer on a package rooftop. Checked rotations per minute (RPM) on a motor and blower assembly. Add reflective tape and use the optical sensor to easily check RPM in many applications in the field.

Testo 470 Tachometer

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Dream Weaver : The tachometers are good tools but as someone that takes a lot of rpm measurements doing TAB, I prefer a strobe. Also if you take the rpm reading in the motor while the belt is on and under load, the rpm will be closer to the nameplate. Keep it up, the podcast is great.
No Compete Refrigeration Services - HVAC : That’s a must! I always wanted to get one. I have that one on order! Thank you
J Sully : Pretty cool tool right there! Thank you for sharing
leonard polk : gotta add one to my tool set
Japer Electronics : I would like you to consult on a new AC my team is designing. Please let me know how to get a hold of you.



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